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Client News: Franckie Francois Is Positioning Himself For Greatness In The Entertainment Industry &a

Franckie Francois is poised and positioned to being one of the greats in the entertainment industry. With shows like Supernatural and Anne with an E on his resume, he's not only a trained actor but also a vision-forward writer/director. Francois' love for the arts has always been prevalent and is going stronger than ever.

As an entrepreneur he's the co-founder of the production company called Big Dreamers Brotherhood. He's using his same tenacity for his career to help launch and guide other actor's career in the process.

The actor, writer, and entrepreneur is not looking to slow down anytime soon. He wants to continue to inspire others to live out their dreams. Check out our recent Q&A with Franckie below!

Tell me about the web series How To Get Away with Recess (HTGWR)?

HTGWR is a parody series cooked up by the minds of Ryan Rosery And Shaquan Lewis with execution by Rosery who also directed and starred. It is a mashup of How to get away with Murder and the original Recess cartoon series. With most of the main characters Greta played by Samantha Cole (Private eyes), Finelli played by Rebecca Kwan(Taken), Shaquan Lewis (Jigsaw) as CJ, Adam Murciano (The Detectives) takes on Rus, Ryan Rosery (Riverdale) as Prince, Nathan Taylor (Motives and Murders) as Leendall, Stuart Prince as King Ray, and with myself as (Supernatural) as Zachy. Its a beautiful, funny, as well as full of suspense story. You need the HTGAWM aspect of it to make it what it is. And we have Xavier DeGuzman (Take Two) as the Cinematographer who gives it its colours.

What made you want to take on this project?

The fact that it involved two of my favourite shows ever. And also getting done by one of the funniest people I know, Rosery. In our group he is the star comedian. His mind connects dots that most people don't see. So when brought up the idea, I quickly jumped on it. It was a lot of fun.

What was one of your moments while working on this project?

Zachy is a very reserved character in general. But he is also one of the courageous ones. And getting to print out the courageous personality especially in Episode one where he gives Rus a little push to do what he has got to do to get what he wants. And that applies to daily life where we gotta get outta our shell once in a while.

What’s your ultimate goal for the future?

First an foremost, getting to be one of the greats of acting is written in the books. The path has already been opened. So I am walking it as we speak. Secondly, I want to tell and be part of stories that give people hope. That influence thought process. I love shows like Black Mirror because of its intellectual message. BM we got be shooting together haha. A few years ago in a masterclass I attended with coach Sophie Ann Rooney of Raw Studios, we were asked where we see ourselves in a few years as actors. We should write down our mantra or what we want to achieve as actors. One of the biggest goals is to have more African films at the forefront of story telling. We have so many unique and beautiful stories but not enough of an opportunity to put it out. So am slowly working towards that.

Who is one actor you would like to work with?

Ouuu thats a tough one. There are too many. Right now I have spent the last 8 months learning from Anthony Mackie since we first worked together on Altered Carbon. And its been such an amazing experience to watch and try to emulate who he is as a person too. I told him I will surpass him and he looked at me and laughed, then said, I will be waiting. So am speeding up. Another actor I so would like to work with will be Viola Davis. Oh God, she is just raw. Watching her in Fences, How to Get Away with Murder and how she just brings acting back to basics, it shows how much of a Queen she is in the performing arts. Of course there are many more, but I will be working all of them soon.

Tell us more about your production company and what you guys are working on next?

Starting the production company BDB (Big Dreamers Brotherhood with my close friends (Lovell Adams-Gray, Emmanuel Ofori, Leighton Williams, Ryan Rosery, Adrian Walters and Brandon Mcknight, gave us an opportunity to open doors to more ethically diverse roles for everyone. Representation matters, and to us, the stories we create will make a difference. BDB is at the forefront of that movement. Small or big impacts will create a rift. And we definitely want ours to be positive. Our play Judas noir was made a huge impact in terms of a conversation when it comes to mental illness in the black community which isn't talked about. And that to us is our motivation. We are currently in post for our short film Roadmarks starring Humberly Gonzalez (In the Dark) and Adrian Walters (Dare Me) which will be so beautiful once it hits the festival circuit. In pre-production for the first season of our series, Food Bank written by Xavier DeGuzman (Take Two) and will be remounting Judas Noir soon. Don't know yet haha. We just keep things moving.

He will be seen next in the upcoming season of Altered Carbon and Get Shorty which both come out next year.

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