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Get To Know Hip Hop Legend Mia X On A Cooking Level

Mia X started her career as the First Lady of Master P’s legendary Hip Hop label, No Limit Records. She's sold millions of records being the biggest Mama Mia, now she's taking her talent to the kitchen. She has over 30,000+ views on her cooking videos and 300,000 #TeamWhipDemPots supporters that love her recipes, NOLA accent, and Southern charm. Now you can find Mia balancing her time on stage during the No Limit Reunion Tour, in the kitchen and also as the new music and Hip Hop Professor at Loyola University. Mia X is also sharing her story at an upcoming FREE event on Monday, September 16th, 7-9 PM at The Munch Factory Resturant. Read more on Very Local about Mia or the link below will take you right to the video. Click the link below to view the video and dive into Mia's new chapter on cooking with Mia X. Media Interview Requests Please Contact: McDowell's Branding Group (504)-383-3306

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