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A Message from McDowell's Branding Group- CEO

I come from a city where there's no opportunity on every corner, you literally have to dig for it. In my case, I had to build it. All I knew was I had to make the visions that God put in me come to life. I've always known what I wanted to do with my life and I've always felt God's presence, I felt his hand leading every single thing. Sometimes I literally felt like a spoiled brat which has nothing to do with material things, but it has all to do with the type of unconditional love that I've felt from God, and that no matter what I can count on Him.

I spent years sacrificing, uncomfortable, broke, jumping on Greyhound buses for an opportunity, helping others with their dreams, not following the crowd, not really even enjoying my 20's on some levels because there's always been this thing in me that I still can't quite explain. Even if I get sidetracked or off course it's leading me right back to the center, back to the grind, back to what God wants of me, back to being a servant, back to my purpose.

It's a feeling that I hope will never leave because that's when I'll know either I've completed my purpose or I've given in to being complacent and it starts to fade away. It's important that you know it's still beating furiously inside of me, and I pray that it won't stop anytime soon, no matter the heights I've reached and even the lows that I encounter. One thing about me I don't stop, I don't give up, because I know exactly who I am in God, and I know If He got me then this road is not stopping until He says so! - @jaleesamcdowell (CEO of McDowell's Branding Group)

Photo : @jarrettwarren

Makeup: @michael__angelo

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