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McDowell's Branding Group is committed to bringing your products and brand to media, more consumers, and expanding your opportunities.  Client Kaiya Perry hired McDowell's Branding Group during the theatrical run of her upcoming film, A Girl Like Grace.  McDowell's Branding Group organized a press tour to promote the movie and also Kaiya Perry as a brand in both local and national platforms.  This provided the client to speak on upcoming projects and introducing consumers to the Kaiya Perry brand.  We established her platform for helping kids with bullying prevention, that included a book, school tour, and non-profit.


McDowell's Branding Group will seek the opportunites and events that will allow you to rub shoulders  with top talent in your field.  We also prepare you for interviews and incorporate effective branding/PR tactics to take your brand to the next level.  Below are a few of the opportunities client, Kaiya Perry experienced during the representation of McDowell's Branding Group.   


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